1550nm Internal Modulation Optical Transmitter (ZTX1550)

1550nm Internal Modulation Optical Transmitter (ZTX1550)

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ZTX1550 series 1550nm optical transmitter is a standard type of CATV optical transmitter. The height of the transmitter is IU, it can be mounted on the 19” frame conveniently. The main devices adopt Ortel, MITSUBISHI DFB low noise which contains thermoelectric refrigerator, continuous wave laser. The whole technical performance indexes reach the similar imported equipment standard, supplying quality long distance transmission of images, figures or compressed digital signal to cable and telephone communications.


(1) High quality: Original system optimal control technology, RF driving amplifier and controlling circuit to make system getting optimal CTB, CSO and CNR indexes.

(2) Reliability: The 19 ”1U standard rack, built-in high-performance switching power supply, it can work at 85~265Vac MS level automatic switch, chassis cooling can be automatic control by temperature.

(3) Intuition: Laser is the most expensive machine components, machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.

Technical parameter

Output(mW) ≥02 ≥04 ≥06 ≥08 ≥10 ≥12


Output(dBm) 3.0 6.0 7.8 9.0 10.0 10.8


Wavelength (nm) 1528 ~ 1570(Can chosen)
Fiber Connector FC/APC Or SC/APC
Max distance 20Km
Bandwidth(MHz) 45 ~ 862 Or 45~1003
CNR(dB) 51
CTB(dB) ≥65
CSO(dB) ≥60


When used as a standard machine. 78±5
  When used as spots running the



70 ~ 110

Flatness(dB) ≤0.75

Consumption (W)



Power Supply(V) 220VAC or -48VDC
Working Temp(℃) -20 ~ 85
Size(″) 19″* 11″* 1.75″
Weight(Kg) 5.0

Product series

Output power in mW Output power in dBm
≥2 ≥3
≥4 ≥6
≥6 ≥7.8
≥8 ≥9
≥10 ≥10
≥16 ≥12

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