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The EC7000 is a three-in-one device that combines outdoor modular ONU, EOC headend and CATV optional receiver. With backplane+modular design it is easy to expand and easy to maintain. Due to a full industrial grade design, its operation temperature widely ranges from -40℃ to 70℃. It has a die casted Al shell, with IP65-grade resistance to dust and water.

The EOC headend is based on the HomePlug AV / IEEE 1901 technology, it utilizes Qualcomm AR7410 chip and uses a low frequency band below 65MHz, sharing a bandwidth of 100/300Mbps for each channel. When working together with EOC terminals of the EB series, it can realize the transmission of Ethernet data signals in coaxial distribution networks.

Product Features

1. Backplane + modular design, optional 1~2 EOC modules, 0~1 ONU module, 0~1 CATV optical receiving module; 4*10/100/1000 BASE-T uplink interface.

2. The ONU complies with IEEE802.3-2008 standard and China Telecom EPON equipment technical requirements V3.0.

3. Resistant to impulse voltage and surge, 6KV lightning protection for power supply and 4KV for ports.

4. Die casted Al shell with IP65-grade resistance to dust and water, suitable for deployments of outdoor optical nodes.

5. Support standard 802.1Q vlan, support VLAN hybrid and VLAN transparent.

6. Support 802.1P, IP TOS and default priority marking.

7. Each EOC module supports access to 253 EOC terminals.

8. Long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, can pass through optical line with 2-stage amplifier.

9. Built-in high-performance frequency-mixing module.

10. Support cable TV signal pass through.

11. Support AC 220V/60V power supply.

12. Support automatic discovery of EOC headends with the assistance of EPON products, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

13. Support SNMP/CLI/WEB network management. Support console/in-band/out-of-band network management interface.

14. Support EPON/EOC unified network management.


Product modelEC7000
Frequency band7.5-65MHz
EOC module1~2,AR7410 chip
ONU module1
CATV light receiving module1
RF connectorThrough-type Connector
RF output level<120dBuV
RF receiving sensitivity45dBuV
Business interfaceCable RF connector8,4-in 4-out
Uplink Ethernet interface1*10/100/1000Base-T
Management interfaceOut-band1*10/100Base-T
Shell materialCast aluminum
Operating temperature-30~65℃
Operating humidity5%~95%
Power consumption<30W
Power supply modeAC220V/60V opcional
Electromagnetic compatibilityGB 9254-2008 Class B

GB/T 17618-1998

Lightning protectionGB/T 17626.5-2008
Power module6KV
Business interface4KV

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