EOC Master

  • Indoor Head EOC Master CLT 7.5-65MHz 300Mbps EC-5000 Series

    Indoor Head EOC Master CLT 7.5-65MHz 300Mbps EC-5000 Series

    1. Field-type EOC head end; 2. Support 1-in 1-out, 2-in 2-out, 4-in 4-out; 3. Support GE, GEPON port uplink, can be directly connected to GEPON OLT; 4. Typical configuration: two EoC modules, optical receiver, 60v Optional built-in CATV to form a three-in-one head-end.
  • EOC Master EC-6122-B

    EOC Master EC-6122-B

    EC-6122-B is an EOC (Ethernet over Coax coaxial cable Ethernet) access network field office equipment based on HOMEPLUG AV technology. It supports one EOC channel; provides an ONU fiber uplink port (optional module); a Gigabit Ethernet port uplink; two 10 / 100BASE-T interfaces, one for console management and one for device management. The equipment outputs mixed signals to the coaxial cable distribution network, and cooperates with the EOC terminal equipment (CNU) to form the last 100-meter ...
  • EOC Master EC7000

    EOC Master EC7000

    The EC7000 is a three-in-one device that combines outdoor modular ONU, EOC headend and CATV optional receiver. With backplane+modular design it is easy to expand and easy to maintain. Due to a full industrial grade design, its operation temperature widely ranges from -40℃ to 70℃. It has a die casted Al shell, with IP65-grade resistance to dust and water. The EOC headend is based on the HomePlug AV / IEEE 1901 technology, it utilizes Qualcomm AR7410 chip and uses a low frequency band below 65M...