FTTB Optical Receiver

  • FTTB optical receiver ZBR734A

    FTTB optical receiver ZBR734A

    ZBR734A optical receiver is a forward optical receiver used for delivering video (digital or analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network terminal. This optical receiver working from 47 to 862MHz.
  • ZBR200 Two Output FTTB AGC Optical Receiver

    ZBR200 Two Output FTTB AGC Optical Receiver

    Overview ZBR200 is our latest high-class CATV network optical receiver. This equipment pre- class adopts Full-GaAs MMIC amplify device. After-class is American ACA Company’s Chip GaAs amplifier. Optimized circuit design makes the equipment achieve good performance indexes. Microprocessor control, digital display the parameters, the engineering debug is especially easy. It is the main equipment to build the CATV network. Features 1)   High response PIN photoelectric conversion tube. 2)   Optim...
  • ZBR1002B Outdoor Bidirectional Optical Receiver

    ZBR1002B Outdoor Bidirectional Optical Receiver

    Features 1.Two working wavelength of 1310nm and 1550nm; 2.750MHz and 860MHz options; 3.Variety power are optional: AC60V, AC220V, dC-48V and ect; 4.A variety of functional plug-in units: plug-in attenuator, plug-in equalizer, plug-in branch distributor and return path transmit module flexible in configuration. Use the design of the plug-in units convenient for the maintenance an network update; 5.Good-quality GaAs amplify module can meet the demands of high level output; 6.International advan...
  • Two Way FTTB Optical Receiver ZBR1002D

    Two Way FTTB Optical Receiver ZBR1002D

    Features 1.PIN photoelectric conversion tube with high responsiveness; 2.Indicate optical power more accurately through ten-class strip-type luminescent tube; 3.Route optimization design puts preceding stage SMT craft and back stage module amplification together and forms a classic route, which makes photoelectric signal transmission smoother and easier; 4.RF attenuation and equilibrium both use continuously adjustable design, which make engineering debugging very convenient; 5.Power output m...
  • House Optical Receiver

    House Optical Receiver

    Features 1.RF output level is employed optical Automatic Gain Control (AGC),any optical node in one optical network, if only the optical power range is within -7dBm~+2dBm, we don’t need adjust the attenuation value of the attenuator of this machine, we can ensure the output level of the whole machine remain the same, and CTB & CSO are remained unchanged, it is easy for debugging the project. 2.Operation platform designed is xx~1000MHz. 3.Low-noise amplifier matching circuit and amplifier ...
  • ZBR1001J Optical Receiver Manual

    ZBR1001J Optical Receiver Manual

    1. Product Summary ZBR1001JL optical receiver is the latest 1GHz FTTB optical receiver. With wide range receiving optical power, high output level and low power consumption. It is the ideal equipment to build the high-performance NGB network. 2. Performance Characteristics ■ Excellent optical AGC control technique, when the input optical power range is -9~+2dBm, the output level, CTB and CSO basically unchanged; ■ Downlink working frequency extended to 1GHz, RF amplifier part adopts the hi...
  • Dual Input Optical Receiver ZBR202

    Dual Input Optical Receiver ZBR202

    ZBR202 optical receiver is the new 1GHz two-way switch optical receiver. With wide range optical receiving power, high output level, low power consumption and compact structure, easy to install. It’s build-in optical switch, when one way failed or below the set threshold, the device will automatically switch to another way to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It is the ideal equipment to build the high-performance NGB network. Features 1.Adopt advanced optical AGC technique; 2.Two...