FTTH Micro Optical Receiver ZHR10M3

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Performance characteristics

High quality plastic shell, through hole design on both sides, with good heat dissipation.

RF channel full GaAs low noise amplifier circuit. The digital signal satisfies -15dBm reception and the analog signal satisfies-10dBm reception.

With optical input AGC function

Anti-high frequency surge protection GaAs amplifier tube.

Low-power design, high-efficiency switching power supply ensures high reliability and high stability of the power supply. The overall power consumption is only 2W, with optical detection circuit.

SC/APC & SC/PC&FC/APC&FC/PC optical connectors, custom male or fe-male RF connector.

Multi-stage lightning protection device (TVS transient suppression diode), lightning protection system is tight, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment


The ZHR18 series optical terminal is a home-use optical receiver for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network optical fiber access terminals to enable analog or digital signals to enter the home. The machine uses low-power photodetectors, GaAs and optical AGC technology to meet the fiber-to-the-home CATV reception needs. Many functional products are slightly different in application.

Block diagram


Technical parameters

Technical parameters




Optical input power

0dBm~-10dBm(analog signal )&0dBm~-15dBm(digital signal)

Return loss


Optical connector






RF output loss

≥16dB@47~550MHz ≥14dB@550~1006MHz

Output level Pin@0dBm

≥80dBuV(1 port)

≥76dBuV(2 ports)

RF Output port

1 port or 2 ports

Output impedance


AGC range


Carrier to noise ratio(note 1)


CTB(note 1)


CSO(note 1)


Equipment voltage


Adapter voltage


Inner feedback voltage


Working temperature






Carton gross weight


Note 1: 59 PAL-D analog television channel signals are allocated in 550 MHz and full-band digital modulation signals are transmitted in 550 MHz-862 MHz every 2 MHz under the specified link loss. The digital modulation signal level is

10 dB lower than the analog modulation signal level, and the optical receiver input optical power is -1 dBm. The test results will be different according to the different amplification modules of the optical receiver configuration.

Model guide

FTTH-Series models – Into the optical connector form – RF mouth + RF connector form – Photoelectric tube type

PIN type(5:only 1550nm,Normal type is not displayed Output ports+Connectors(1 / 2 口 output ports optional,Male M / Female  I optional)

Input connectors(SA: SC/APC; FA: FC/APC; SP: SC/PC; FP: FC/PC, customized)

Example: ZHR18-SA-2M-5

Explanation of the example: This device optical connector is SC/APC, 2 output, metric connector, only receive 1550

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