Fusion Splicer Machine

  • X-97 Handheld Smart Fusion Splicer

    X-97 Handheld Smart Fusion Splicer

    Small size and light weight;8s splicing and 26s fast heating;Core to core alignment technology;Automatic & real-time ARC calibration;200 cycles splicing & heating once charged;Inductive heater, heating without fiber;Apply to bare fiber, pigtail, drop cable etc;Specially design for FTTH/FTTx project
  • X-900 Multi-function Fusion Splicer

    X-900 Multi-function Fusion Splicer

    1s boot up, 6s splicing, 16s heating; Fiber type identification automatically; Real-time ARC calibration automatically; Inductive automatic heater, separate charging battery; Industrial quad-core CPU, Japan imported core parts.
  • OFS-800 Fusion Splicer

    OFS-800 Fusion Splicer

    ● Large,high visibility 5 inches high resolution colorful LCD display ● FAST! 8 second splice time / 30 seconds heat time ● Long life Li-ion battery provides 200 splicing and heat cycles ● Extended electrode performance with 2500 splices per set ● Simultaneous X and Y views with 200 times magnification, 300 times X or Y view ● Fully ruggedized for shock,dust and moisture ● Storing 8,000 groups of splice results ● Splicing mode Auto & Manual & Half Auto Specifications: Applicable F...