Intelligent EDFA Module

  • CATV Optical Amplifier Module

    CATV Optical Amplifier Module

    ZOA1550MB CATV EDFA module adopts standard versions for Single Channel and narrowband. The EDFA includes a cooling pump laser, input monitor and input isolator, output monitor and output isolator, compact size 90X70X20mm package. A user-friendly 30-pin interface is included to enable the device to communicate with control electronics. Features (1) High quality: adopts international branded 980nm pump laser, optimized software for power, gain and flatness features, which guarantees low NF and ...
  • Mid-stage Access EDFA  (ZOA1550MC)

    Mid-stage Access EDFA (ZOA1550MC)

    Features 1.Adopts JDSU or Oclaro pump laser 2.Adopts OFS fiber 3.SMT production process to assure small size and low power comsuption, but high stability 4.Micro auto monitor PCB 5.Output adjustable(-4~+0.5) 6.Max outputs 23dBm(single pump laser) Diagram Underside: Upside (Unit:mm) Pin Assignment PIN # Name Description Note 1 +5V +5V ower supply 2 +5V +5V ower supply 3 +5V +5V ower supply 4 +5V +5V ower supply 5 Reserve No Connection...