EDFA promotion information

Company promotions: Buy an EDFA and get an optical power meter as a gift This week, our company officially launched a new promotion. As long as you buy one EDFA, you can get a high-quality optical power meter as a gift, providing stronger support for your business expansion. As a high-performance, low-noise optical amplifier, EDFA can greatly improve signal gain and transmission distance, and is an essential and important component in modern optical fiber communication networks. The optical power meter is an essential tool for testing and analyzing the characteristics of optical signals, which can help you accurately measure the intensity and power of light. In this promotion, we provide you with high-quality and reliable EDFA, together with the optical power meter we gave away, to provide more guarantee for your experiment and maintenance. We believe that this charming promotion will be well received by our customers. If you have the need to buy EDFA, don’t miss this opportunity. Welcome to contact our sales team for more information.

Post time: Mar-14-2023