Satellite Optical Transmitter

  • Micro CATV & SAT-IF Optical Transmitter  ZST Series

    Micro CATV & SAT-IF Optical Transmitter ZST Series

    Description ZST series mini satellite optical transmitters can be divided into ZST1310M(1310nm) and ZST1550M(1550nm) according to the wavelength difference, the output optical power is 0-10dBm optional. Features 1.Designed for FTTH networks. 2.High linearity, Suitable for CATV & SAT-IF application. 3.Excellent linearity and flatness. 4.Single-mode fiber high return loss 5.Using GaAs amplifier active devices. 6.Ultra low noise technology. 7.Smaller size and easier installation. 8.RED-LED f...
  • CATV & Satellite Optical Transmitter (ZST9526)

    CATV & Satellite Optical Transmitter (ZST9526)

    Products Description ZST9526 Satellite Optical Transmitter adopts high-linearity butterfly DFB laser which is directly modulated to transmit 47-862MHz and 950~2600MHz signal in a single fiber. It can choose ITU standard wavelength for DWDM system to extend and update the networks. It can be amplified by EDFA and EYDFA for huge FTTH system.  It can be Compatible with any FTTx PON technology to realize  the combination of  CATV, DVB-S , Internet and FTTH. ZST9526 Satellite Optical Transmitter a...