ZA-APP-1.2G Outdoor Amplifier

ZA-APP-1.2G Outdoor Amplifier

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ZA-APP-1.2G is two way high-gain Bi-directional Line Extender amplifier suitable for signal amplification in the HFC system coaxial trunk. The CTB/CSO performance is outstanding with a return loss of 16 dB. frequency of diplex filter is optional.


1. Gallium arsenide amplifier module used for the forward path. 38dB high gain;

2. Provided with the frequency response adjustment plug-in unit, capable of effectively compensating the convex hull resulting from cable nonlinear attenuation;

3. Internationally advanced passivating treatment and double layer waterproof process are used in the outdoor type aluminum die cast casing, resistant to corrosion and aging, good in heat dissipation, water impermeability and electromagnetic shield;

4. Forward/Return path input/output level turn-able, easy in system debug;

5. Use high quality bidirectional plug-in unit interface , convenient in network update;

6. Highly effective low noise switching power supply to ensure the signal’s bidirectional transmission index.

Pass-band MHz 54~1200 5~42
Flatness dB ±1.0 ±0.75
Operational Gain dB 36 ≥20
Operational Gain Adjustment dB 0~20 ——
AGC Control Range dB ±3/±0.5 ——
Interstage Slope dB 12±1 ——
Equalizer Adjustment dB 3~12 ——
Noise Figure dB 9~10 6.5
Input Level dBmV ≤12 ——
Output Level dBmV 34/44/46 42Flat
CTB dBc 73 ——
CSO dBc 69 ——
XM dB 65 ——
Test Point Attenuator dB -20 -20
Return Loss dB ≥15 ≥15
Hum Modulation dBc 65
DC Voltage V 24±0.25
DC Ripple mV ≤50
Power Consumption W 25
AC Input Voltage Range V 38~90
AC Bypass Current All Ports A 15
Housing Dimensions mm 280X215X160
Weight KG 4
Ambient Operating Temperature -40~+60

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