ZBR1001J Optical Receiver Manual

ZBR1001J Optical Receiver Manual

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1. Product Summary

ZBR1001JL optical receiver is the latest 1GHz FTTB optical receiver. With wide range receiving optical power, high output level and low power consumption. It is the ideal equipment to build the high-performance NGB network.

2. Performance Characteristics

■ Excellent optical AGC control technique, when the input optical power range is 9~+2dBm, the output level, CTB and CSO basically unchanged;

■ Downlink working frequency extended to 1GHz, RF amplifier part adopts the high performance low power consumption GaAs chip, the highest output level up to 112dBuv;

■ EQ and ATT both use the professional electric control circuit, makes the control more accurate, operation more convenient;

■ Built-in the national standard II class network management responder, support remote network management (optional);

■ Compact structure, convenient installation, is the first choice equipment of FTTB CATV network;

■ Built-in high reliability low power consumption power supply, and selectable external power supply;

3. Technique Parameter



Technical Parameters

Optical  Parameters

Receiving Optical Power


-9 ~ +2

Optical Return Loss



Optical Receiving Wavelength


1100 ~ 1600

Optical Connector Type

SC/APC or specified by the user

Fiber Type

Single mode

Link  Parameters



≥ 51

Note 1



≥ 60



≥ 60

RF  Parameters

Frequency Range


45 ~860/1003

Flatness in Band



ZBR1001J (FZ110 output)

ZBR1001J (FP204 output)

Rated Output Level


≥ 108

≥ 104

Max Output Level


≥ 108 (-9 ~ +2dBm Optical power receiving)

≥ 104 (-9 ~ +2dBm Optical power receiving)

≥ 112 (-7 ~ +2dBm Optical power receiving)

≥ 108 (-7 ~ +2dBm Optical power receiving)

Output Return Loss



Output Impedance



Optical AGC Range


(-9dBm/-8dBm/-7dBm/-6dBm/-5dBm/-4dBm)—(+2dBm) adjustable

Electrical control EQ range



Electrical control ATT range



General Characteristics

Power Voltage


A: AC (150~265)V

D: DC 12V/1A External power supply

Operating Temperature




≤ 8



190 (L)* 110 (W)* 52 (H)

Note 1: Configure 59 PAL-D analog channel signals at the 550MHz frequency range. Transmit digital signal at the frequency range of 550MHz862MHz. The digital signal level (in 8 MHz bandwidth) is 10dB lower than analog signal carrier level. When the input optical power of the optical receiver is -1dBm, the output level: 108dBμV, EQ: 8dB.

4. Block Diagram

rt (5)

ZBR1001J with II class network management responder, FZ110 (tap) output block diagram

 rt (4)

ZBR1001J with II class network management responder, FP204 (two-way splitter) output block diagram

 rt (3)

ZBR1001J FZ110 (tap) output block diagram

rt (2)

ZBR1001J FP204 (two-way splitter) output block diagram

5. Relation Table of Input Optical Power and CNR

rt (1)

6. Clean and maintenance method of the optical fiber active connector

In many times, we misjudge the decline of the optical power or the reduce of optical receiver output level as the equipment faults, but actually it may be caused by the incorrect connection of the optical fiber connector or the optical fiber connector has been polluted by the dust or dirt.

Now introduce some common clean and maintenance methods of the optical fiber active connector.

1.Carefully screw off the optical fiber active connector from the adapter. The optical fiber active connector should not aim at the human body or the naked eyes to avoid accidental injury.

2.Wash carefully with good quality lens wiping paper or medical degrease alcohol cotton. If use the medical degrease alcohol cotton, still need to wait 1~2 minutes after wash, let the connector surface dry in the air.

3.The cleaned optical fiber active connector should be connected to optical power meter to measure output optical power to affirm whether it has been cleaned up.

4.When screw the cleaned optical fiber active connector back to adapter, should notice to make the force appropriate to avoid the ceramic tube in the adapter crack.

5.If the output optical power is not normal after cleaning, should screw off the adapter and clean the other connector. If the optical power still low after cleaning, the adapter may be polluted, clean it. (Note: Be carefully when screw off the adapter to avoid hurting inside fiber.

6.Use the dedicated compressed air or degrease alcohol cotton bar to clean the adapter. When use the compressed air, the muzzle of the compressed air tank should aims at the ceramic tube of the adapter, clean the ceramic tube with compressed air. When use degrease alcohol cotton bar, carefully insert the alcohol cotton bar into the ceramic tube to clean. The insert direction should be consistent, otherwise can not reach ideal cleaning effect.

7. After-sales service description

1.We promise: Free warranty for thirteen months (Leave factory time on product qualification certificate as the start date). The extended warranty term based on the supply agreement. We responsible for lifetime maintenance. If the equipment fault is resulted from the users’ improperly operation or unavoidable environment reasons, we will responsible maintenance but ask suitable material cost.

2.When the equipment breaks down, immediately call our technical support hotline 8613675891280

3.The site maintenance of the fault equipment must be operated by professional technicians to avoid worse damage.

Special notice: If the equipment has been maintained by users, we will not responsible free maintenance. We will ask suitable maintenance cost and material cost.

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