ZBR804 Four Ways Outdoor Optical Receiver

ZBR804 Four Ways Outdoor Optical Receiver

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1.0 Products Description

ZBR804 Four Ways Outdoor Optical Receiver integrates forward optical signal receiving, distribute and reverse transmitter, which is an economical, high performance and high gain device.

It is mainly used in the end of optical fiber network, where needs multi-ways high RF output level distribute to subscribe directly, and request bi-directional function. In this way it could reduce the amplifier and make the network more reliable.

The rack adopts the newest waterproof aluminum rack with the most popular aluminum passivation technology. About inside circuit, after the obverse optical signals transform, the forward RF adopts low noise GaAs amplify, even though the optical power is very low, it still can guarantee the whole machine’s carrier index.

In order to get the higher non-linearity index, we use the power double module in the end. LED indicator light on the panel displays the forward optical receiving power.

2.0 Link Parameter

Forward Receiving Reverse Transmitting
CNR(dB)>50 CNR(dB)>50

3.0 Optical Parameter

Forward Receiving Reverse Transmitting
Optical Wavelength(nm) 1100 ~ 1600 Optical Wavelength(nm) 1310±10
Input Optical Power Range(dBm) -9 ~ +2 Transmitting Optical Power(mW) 1 – 4mw(specify)
Optical Connector type SC/APC or FC/APC Optical Connector Type SC/APC or FC/APC
Optical Return Loss(dB) ≥45 Optical Return Loss(dB) ≥45

4.0 Other Parameter

Power Voltage AC180V ~ 250V/AC60V
Power Consumption <50W
Working Temperature -10 ~ 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 65℃
Dimension 260W X 230D X 160H(mm)
Weight 2.5kg

5.0 RF Parameter

Item Forward Reverse
Frequency Range (MHz) 55/87 ~ 750   55/87 ~ 860 5 ~ 40/65
Band-in Flatness (dB) ±0.75 ±1
RF Impedance(Ω) 75 75
RF Return Loss(dB) ≥16 ≥16
Interstage Attenuation (dB) Inserter Optional Inserter Optional
Mid-stage Slope(dB) Inserter Optional Inserter Optional
Port output 104dBμV/port  Output >85dBμV  Input

6.0 Functional Block Diagram


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