ZBR864B Optical Node (Independent Output)

ZBR864B Optical Node (Independent Output)

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◆1310nm and 1550nm double operation way

◆Middle-sized aluminum cast housing, perfect waterproof and heat dissipation performance.Adopt international advanced polishing and passivation technics, to made the surface shaped the dense protect coat, it have good performance at heat dissipation, electric conduction and anticorrosive(usually domestic housing are adopt spray paint or spray plastic, heat dissipation is lower at 15%).

◆4-way high output independently, can reach 110dBμV, ajustable output level. With high output level and low distortion.

◆Install network management responder, provide perfect intellect net function.

◆Built-in made from module, convenient to conserve and update,

◆Redundancy record, optical receiver, return optical transmitter,  switching supply power are main and backup to switched automaticly.

◆4-way independent or single way equal ,so that adjust different transmit distance

◆Use insert install of attenuation and insert fixed EQ.

◆Use GaAs hybrids

◆ Dimensions(mm): 460(L) X 255(W) X 190(H)

Technical Parameters

C/N ratio and Distorted performance

C/N ≥51 dB
C/CTB ≤67 dBc
C/CSO ≤62 dBc
Test condition: The standard optical transmission (belt predistortion circuit), 59 group PAL-D channel spike, the 10km optical fiber adds the optical fiber variable attenuator, the 10dB slope.

Optical Receiver Module

Optic Receiver Power Scope -10dBm~+2dBm
Wavelength 1100nm~1600nm
Fiber Type SM
Fiber Connector SC/APC
Fiber input Auto Switch 2
Return Loss >45dB
Frequency Range 47MHz~860MHz
Gain Control 0-20dB
Slope Control 0-20dB
Output 4ports
RF Output Connector Pin Type
Belt-in Smoothness (output port) ≤±0.6dB
Belt-in Flatness(monitor port) ≤±1.5dB
Output Level 82dBμV±1dBμV(0dBm Power
Monitor Level -20dB±1.5dB(relative output port level
Optic Power Test Point Voltage 10V/1mW
Output Impedance 75Ω
Power Voltage 60-90VAC

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